what do see me from the shoulders mean???

probably that your best physical attributes are from the shoulder area and up, that the lower half of you aint really nothing to holler about

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Gonna sleep but my beard already growing back in after like 5 days



Doing a core heavy day is always exhausting

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I’m tired of people being assholes for the sake of getting notes or retweets. What the fuck is wrong with people? You really needed to go in on a person’s photo for what? You getting money? This shit is getting out of hand.

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magneto, phoenix, rouge, storm as thor, prof x,…

Ok…Superman would go take a lil swim in the sun, comeback and just blitz them all, hell he could do a blitz solo. MM is a powerful telepath too so he would contend with Phoenix and could probably knock her ass out. I don’t know why Storm gets to be Thor but either Wonder Woman (God of War) or a Sun dipped Superman takes her out and prof X is getting handled by MM swiftly. I didn’t even mention Shazam coming through either…you see how stacked the JL really is?

  • Question: Do men care if you have longer or darker labia. Sorry if it's too much to ask. - Anonymous
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    Real men don’t.
    Like. I can’t stress that enough.

    Don’t believe the hype. Me will complain about any and everything on social media for reblogs and retweets knowing good and well the stuff they complain about doesn’t keep them from talking to someone that they really want to talk to. (or have sex with) I used to be ashamed of a lot of things, even made to feel bad about some things, but one day  I realized that I’m sexually attractive and sexually satisfying regardless…

    Honestly it’s like this: Men will shame women, but then fuck them. Best example, this guy at my school slut shamed me to the entire black male population at my school (and some off campus). But he still fucked me, he still likes my pictures on Facebook, and he fuck me again if he had the chance I’m sure. Point is, men just wanna talk shit to talk shit.

    …. Why did you have sex with him if he was talkin shit about you???


    Right though, like let’s talk about how you let a nigga who you knew was no good have sex with you but then spin it to where its men just wanna shame women and fuck them. We aren’t fucking y’all unless you let us.

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Tumblr Introduces Advisory Panel: 
Like filling out surveys? Love taking surveys about Tumblr? Apply to join the Tumblr Advisory Panel.

The advisory panel is so official that Tumblr gave the group its own seal with the motto, obsecro perficere circuitis. That’s Latin for “Please complete a survey.” (Thanks, Google Translate.)


It doesn’t seem like Tumblr knows its userbase very well. Where is otherkin and agender and mermaid pixies?

^Because obviously Tumblr is ran by white cishet scum that are so entitled that they thought that they could be a white saviour by mentioning transgender (way to throw a bone to those you oppress) but are just ignoring the plight of all the otherkin/fictionkin/planetkin folks on here.

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I’m really sick of seeing people defend black women who spew that “all black men hate black women” bullshit. Twitter does not dictate the feelings of all black men. Your limited experience does not dictate the the feelings of all black men.

Talking ‘bout “I care about them but they hate us.”

Stop it. All black men do not hate black women.

Most black men do not hate black women.

Stop spreading this fuckery.

I swear people take ignorant Twitter posts as gospel but will ignore those of who are constantly preaching how much we love black women.

(devil’s advocate)

i suppose if you have 5 black men in your life that are actively supporting black women

and then you go and see 50 different posts on twitter and tumblr a week degrading black women

sometimes, you see the men you know as the exception

and the men in society as the rule

(fully acknowledging that i don’t believe that “all black men hate black women” crap. but i can see where the sentiment comes from)

I see the fuckery of the the black men on Twitter that say hateful and fucked up shit. But one of the principles I live by is not generalizing people, especially negatively. I’m not ignoring that there is fuckery spewed by a select group of black men, but it is illogical to use that group as a way to generalize the whole group. The same way its illogical to know that that a select group of black people are in gangs and then say that all black people are violent thugs. The same way its illogical to know that there are white people who actively hate black people and say that all white people you will ever come in contact with are racist fucks. The same way its illogical to know that there is a select group of men who are rapists and say that all men are rapists. 

I don’t have an issue with pointing out the intra-racial hate on Twitter (since that is where I see it mostly). I have an issue with that behavior being generalized and used to represent the whole group.

All black men are not hateful savages who only like light skinned and white women and that whole “all black men hate black women” bullshit condones that faulty thinking. 

Honestly though it’s not like every black man is on twitter anyway, most of the black men on twitter are those young guys who just say shit to get retweets and what not.
Also if we are going by what we see online, I see way more black women shitting on black men on Tumblr than the reverse

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  • Question: Justice League vs. any 6 X-Men past, present, or future. - Anonymous
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    Justice League. What group of X-Men takes out WW, Supes and MM? 

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  • Question: do the original 6 with hawkgirl, black canary, green arrow vs avengers with spider-man, wolverine, nova, black panther, ms marvel cuz they need help badly - fish-dinner-connoisseur
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    Justice league would win that pretty easily tbh. Like I said MM, WW and Supes alone could handle the Avengers